A quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.    

It’s not how I decorate my cottage, it’s who’s there to share it.                                                                               

I’ve posted several photos of my house on Instagram @uncommoncottages but haven’t done a post here. Many designers who have blogs and are featured in design magazines do their Christmas decorating in September. Or to have it published, even earlier. Since I’ve done a lot of photographs this year I’m going to see about sending them to some publications – you never can tell where you might find me!

Yesterday I had what has become an annual Christmas get together at my little cottage. I have such a wonderful, interesting, group of friends. I’m always thankful when I think of the friends I’ve acquired from all walks of life with such interesting lives and stories. Sharing my house at Christmas and all through the year makes me happy.

My antique feather tree from the 1890’s. such a joy to bring this out, decorate it with vintage ornaments and share it.


Enter. My front door.
DIY I glittered a vintage ice skate!